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Brave Ollie Possum Premium Pack SOFTCOVER

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My site is the only place you can get these additional items including a signed and sketched-in edition of Brave Ollie Possum and the companion artbook. Did you already buy the book? THANK YOU! There is a package option for you below as well, including a signed and numbered bookplate you can insert into your book. PLEASE NOTE THE HARDCOVER IS SOLD OUT. ALL OPTIONS ARE FOR THE SOFTCOVER ONLY.

Ollie Mackerelli is determined to face his fear of the dark once and for all, but he gets more than he bargained for when his therapist turns out to be an actual monster. To make it even worse, Ollie is transformed from a boy to a possum and locked in a cage.

With no way to call for help, Ollie must learn to be brave (with the help of some furry friends) or he will be the main course.

Adventurous, imaginative, and fantastically illustrated, Brave Ollie Possum is the debut children's story from author and screenwriter Ethan Nicolle.

 My new book Brave Ollie Possum is a product I am proud to sell all on its own. Published by Cannonball Books, this hardcover is packed with 380 pages, over 200 illustrations. This is a book I wrote for kids, or adults who enjoy children's stories. I agree with C.S. Lewis when he says , "A children's story that can only be enjoyed by children is not a good children's story in the slightest." I wrote this book because I love stories like The Hobbit, Charlie And The Chocolate Factory, Coraline, Harry Potter, Grimm's Fairy Tales, and How To Train Your Dragon. I believe if you like a good adventure, you will like this story. Also, this book is intended to be read out loud before bed, a chapter or three per night. I wrote this after reading many of the above-mentioned books to my kids, out of my love for reading to my children at bedtime.

Here are the items available:

  • Brave Ollie Possum Softcover - Signed. Optional in-book illustration, or drawing insert. Also includes exclusive Ollie Possum bookmark.
  • Original illustration - I will sketch in your book or do a more detailed piece on a separate piece of art paper inserted into your book. The drawing will be one of the characters from my book. You may make a request, but what I draw is ultimately up to me (Exclusive sketch requests are for Patreon members only).
  • The Art Of Brave Ollie Possum Companion Book- This is a 45-page self-published companion art book with an added introduction to the story, approximately 120 unpublished drawings, and notes about the process of making this book. Comes signed and numbered. 
  • Ollie Possum Bookmark - There are 500 of these. One comes with every order.
  • I Named My Toys Alex Book - A previous children's book I will throw into some of the packages signed. Approximately 70 pages and more in the vein of Captain Underpants.  A fun, fast-paced silly read with lots of art on every page. 


The Whole Lasagna
You get:

  • The Softcover
  • Signed
  • Original Drawing in book
  • Limited Bookmark
  • Art Of Brave Ollie Possum Companion Book, signed and numbered
  • I Named My Toys Alex signed book

Just the Book, Please!
You get:

  • The Softcover book
  • Signed
  • Limited Bookmark

I Already Got The Book!
You get everything else:

  • Signed Bookplate
  • Original Drawing
  • Limited Bookmark
  • Art Of Brave Ollie Possum Companion Book, signed and numbered
  • I Named My Toys Alex signed book

You can get package items individually here:
Brave Ollie Possum Art Book
I Named My Toys Alex

Just want the book without all these bells and whistles? Buy it from Cannonball Books (preferred) or Amazon.

And you may opt-out of the drawing if you want to cut costs.

If you want to make a drawing request or request I sign it to anyone, please make sure to add the note to your order. Please keep in mind all final drawing choices are up to me (I promise to make them good!) I am not doing commissions, caricatures, or drawings of other licensed properties that are not mine.  If you want an Axe Cop or Bearmageddon character, or some other thing I have worked on, I'm open to drawing that stuff.


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